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Very efficient sales person. Jag was knowledgeable about the vehicle. No high pressure sales, just friendly and helpful. Referred by a family member and I highly recommended Jag for all your vehicle purchases
Great Service!!
Lino is a professional, friendly and attentive salesman. I had a satisfied a very satisfied shopping experience. It was my first experience buying a hybrid vehicle and Lino answered all my questions.
Timely and excellent communication.Professional and...
Timely and excellent communication. Professional and respectful way of negotiating a good deal for the car Very helpful with explaning the different functions of the car
Can’t say enough good things about the shopping...
Can’t say enough good things about the shopping experience with Key West Ford. From start to finish, Adam walked me through the purchase process without any hiccups. As I was flying in from Alberta, it was important to have a reassuring experience, and Key West delivered! I arrived to see my amazing looking F150 all shined up and ready for me to drive gone. Arash gave me the tour, and I was on my way. Would definitely buy from again!
Easy to deal with and very helpful
I was a 2 hour car ride away from being able to view or test drive anything, and both Peter Olson and Rob Vanoverschot were very helpful both via SMS and phone in trying to get something sorted out for me. Peter was in the office when I went down to visit (not to downplay Rob as he was fantastic at doing all of the leg work before I came in, but even salespersons deserve a day off!) and helped get everything sorted for me (with help from Gurg who was also fantastic and quick on the draw with the paperwork) including test drive and working out the finances / insurance. This is a fantastic dealership and they go above and beyond especially during COVID times where things aren't always as straight forward. Thanks again guys and I'll be in touch about some winter tyres! - Tim
Al helped me out Wednesday. We nailed down the truck I...
Al helped me out Wednesday. We nailed down the truck I was interested in purchasing. I got it at a price I wanted to work with. Lovely staff all around very accommodating. Straight forward, no nonsense group at Key West ford. I will continue to purchase vehicles in the Future from them. Thanks Al, and the Key West Team! Love the F-150
Found me an Explorer ST
Full marks to Key West Ford. I live in the Okanagan and wanted to buy a new Explorer ST but they are like gold dust, very hard to find. The four Ford dealers I contacted locally could not find me a red or magnetic ST anywhere in Western Canada. So I turned to AutoTrader and saw that Key West Ford had a magnetic grey ST on delivery in ten days. I spoke to Peter Olson on the phone and he confirmed it had all the options I was looking for. Peter and his Sales Manager, Wes, agreed a price for my trade in over the phone and ten days later I made the trip to New Westminster to pick up my brand new ST - just 9 kms on the clock. Great job guys. Highly recommended.
Key west management greeted me. Went through my options...
Key west management greeted me. Went through my options and introduced me to staff who assisted me. From my heart is gratitude and then some
Stood behind guarantee
Really good service, making sure I got the vehicle I wanted within the price range I wanted to pay, all during a very chaotic period in my life.
Nissan News
Latest Nissan News For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
Prepare for a turbocharged experience - with Nissan bringing the 2019 Altima to Seattle. Shed your sedan preconceptions. This platform offers far more than sleek style and cabin comfort, instead emphasizing performance with every rev.

According to Chron, the 2019 Altima delivers impressive power in Seattle. Anchored by a 2.0L four-cylinder, this platform achieves 248 HP and 273 lb.-ft of torque. Its redline soars to 5,600 RPM; while its displacement hovers at 1,979-cc to ensure an 8:1 compression ratio (which enables stronger revs). Advanced VC turbochargers flank the engine to yield an estimated 10% overall performance increase from the previous model; and the redesigned frontal mount alignment maximizes this system by decreasing vibrations and stabilizing the AWD.

When these technologies combine, they allow the 2019 Altima to roar from 0 to 60 in less than six seconds. They also redefine the sedan market - enabling drivers to experience performance once reserved solely for fastback fans and rally racers.

Are you ready to conquer the highway?

The 2019 Altima is currently scheduled for a late fall release. To learn more about this platform - including further specs about its new engine - contact our team today.
It’s a sudden swerve - with your fingers slipping on the wheel and your focus drifting from the highway. The tedium of a commute has made you complacent; and you move from one lane to the next, crossing that yellow-lined border within the span of a second.

The 2019 Altima will ensure you don’t remain there.

According to The Verge, Nissan embraces automation with its latest Altima - bolstering the sedan with lane-keeping assistance technology. This innovative program is intended to counter driver error, ensuring optimal positioning on the highway and the backroads. Beneath the windshield sits a high-definition camera, which utilizes a wide-angle lens to monitor the surrounding terrain. Integrated radar sensors assess both vehicle trajectory and lane marker distance, while brake-actuated traction control steadies the wheels. Real-time responses are then engaged when the system detects potential concerns:

If the Altima ventures too closely to the lane markers, a series of audible beeps is released. This allows drivers to manually correct their paths, with a digital display guiding them to the proper alignment.

If the Altima veers past the markers, it automatically deploys both its adaptive cruise control and all-wheel ABS systems, taking control of the steering wheel and re-adjusting the vehicle position.

Each of these responses ensures superior safety on the highway - delivering immediate driver-assistance and seamless navigation. The 2019 Altima will prove ready for every roadway.

To learn more about this Nissan sedan contact us today!

A stale sensibility defines the sedan market - with every platform delivering meek handling and mild responses, unable to go beyond the flat suburban pavement. These cars prove dull, and they force Seattle drivers to endure the slowest of commutes.

Nissan believes it’s time for a change - which is why it’s fusing the 2019 Altima with all-wheel performance.

According to the NY Daily News, the 2019 Altima will redefine the mid-size market - bringing optional Intelligent AWD to Seattle. This system will ensure ferocious handling on the highway and the backroads alike. Advanced sensors will anchor the axles, monitoring torque pressure with every rev. When high speeds are detected, these features will automatically transfer power to the rear wheels (creating a 50:50 performance split that will enhance traction and reduce the chance of under-steerage). Monotube shock absorbers will frame the suspension, creating a more flexible ride; while a dual-pinion electric unit will bolster steering. Sport-tuning now runs throughout the chassis and delivers smooth responses.

To further improve the Altima’s capabilities, Nissan is pairing the AWD with an XTronic Continuously Variable Transmission. This monitors RPM levels, adjusting gear ratios to accommodate speed demands. This will allow the platform to deliver 180 HP with ease.

Accept no compromises, Seattle!

Want to learn more about the 2019 Altima and its AWD technology? Visit our dealership today.

Are you wanting a vehicle with all-wheel drive, but fear you are relegated to an SUV or truck? Think again. Nissan just unveiled its 2019 Altima at the New York International Auto Show, along with some exciting news. The next generation sedan will feature standard all-wheel drive across its line-up.
This offering comes at a time when the family sedan market is shrinking and the crossover SUV segment continues to grow. But, for drivers who don’t want the fuel economy numbers of a full-sized vehicle or haven’t a need for acres of cargo room, a sedan makes perfect sense. And now, with the 2019 Altima, Seattle area drivers will get the best of all worlds with all-wheel drive matched to the peppy performance of a four-door sedan.
The 2019 Altima will feature Nissan’s Intelligent AWD system, which uses an advanced torque split control strategy that automatically redistributes forces to the wheels based on real time driving conditions and wheel slippage. This AWD system even works in conjunction with the Altima’s brake-based limited-slip differential and Hill Start Assist to manage accelerations on slick and steep inclines. No matter the season or terrain, nothing will slow down this sedan.
The all-new Altima is expected to arrive in North American dealerships this fall. Until then, excitement is certain to grow for this all-wheel warrior. To learn more about the Altima and its specs, contact our team at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington.
Today has been a huge day for the Nissan brand. On the tails of the 2018 Leaf’s World Green Car Award, the automaker also revealed their all-new Altima, which is expected to arrive in North American dealerships this fall, followed by other global markets.
The 2019 Altima is an important vehicle for Nissan since it signifies the resurgence of excitement into the mid-size sedan segment. With the redesigned Altima, consumers will not only receive more expressive styling and an inspiring interior, but the car will be offered with the choice of two new powerplants, Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, and standard ProPILOT Assist on the 2019 Altima SV, SL and Platinum grades.
Replacing the previous-generation Altima's 3.5-liter V6 engine is the industry's first production-ready variable compression turbo inline four-cylinder engine, which is expected to deliver V6-level performance, but with more impressive fuel economy. Standard on all Altima trims will also be a new 2.5-liter DOHC inline four-cylinder direct-injection engine. Specs haven’t been divulged yet, but this powerplant promises increases horsepower and torque, while also ensuring improvements in noise and vibration, along with enhanced efficiency and greener emissions.
Reaction about the 2019 Altima has been extremely positive within automotive circles with many journalists hailing Nissan as a leader for bringing highly automated driving to the mass market. It’ll only be a matter of time until we can get behind the wheel for a spin – we cannot wait!
Until then, you can learn more about the Altima by contacting Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington. We currently have many 2018 models in stock, awaiting your next test drive.
The wind proves strong on the highway - incessantly battering your car, slipping into the engine and radiator cracks. It’s cold; it’s brutal; and it undermines performance, causing internal temperatures to wobble and speeds to slow.

Nissan believes it’s time for a change - which is why it’s transformed the 2018 Altima SV into a drag-reducing option for Seattle drivers.

According to Nissan, the new SV is primed for every gust. Active grille shutters now frame the front, employing automated technologies that allow them to open and close as needed (these greatly reduce the amount of air that enters the powertrain, with their advanced sensors detecting when pressure levels are beginning to build). The V-Motion grille decreases resistance, utilizing a sweeping shape to deflect wind pockets; while an optional spoiler diffuses friction at the rear. Underfloor aero-covers shield the suspension, and both the fenders and windows boast aerodynamic trims that sluice away unwelcome environmental factors.

When these elements combine, they enable the 2018 Altima SV to achieve a drag-coefficient of 0.26. This, as NASA explains, promises low friction and fewer temperature changes. Steady performance is achieved.

Want to learn more? Contact our team today for further information about the 2018 SV and its wind-reducing technologies.

It’s an expectation of sophistication. Since its 1992 arrival the Nissan Altima has connected drivers to chic lines and subtle styling - emphasizing a refined ride with each mile. This sedan was meant to stand the test of time, refusing to follow the trends; and its classic profile allows it to transition through every decade.

Now, however, Nissan wishes to expand the Altima's appeal - by fusing it with Midnight Edition drama.

According to a Nissan press release, the 2018 Altima is no longer content to offer mild design. Instead it’s embracing its dark side - with the Midnight Edition package offered on the SR trim. This series of custom style options allows Seattle sedan fans to experience speedster beauty. The platform now rests on black-painted 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels. The mirrors are capped in charcoal, while a wide spoiler frames the rear. Distinct badging frames the sculpted profile (192-inches long, 72-inches wide, 58-inches high); and the license plate holder is trimmed in metallic chrome.

To further anchor the Midnight Edition package is Nissan’s signature V-Motion grille - which frames the Altima in a sweeping tri-bar style and black-clad metals. The effect is undeniably powerful.

Want to see it for yourself? Visit our dealership today to take the 2018 Altima (and its Midnight Edition option) for a ride! 
It’s the sharp pinch of a nerve. You wince, shift, try to realign your body - but the pain persists. Up your spine it travels, slapping every synapse; and, when it finally settles at the base of your neck, you groan. This is no way to spend a commute.

Nissan agrees. That's why it’s bringing superior comfort to Seattle, fusing the 2019 Altima with zero gravity seating.

According to Top Speed, the new Altima should feature Nissan’s signature zero gravity seats (official specs have yet to be confirmed, but spy photos have given critics considerable hope). These ergonomic options will counter spinal pain, utilizing 14 distinct pressure points to improve posture. Their angled cushions will align the nerves and back muscles alike, ensuring that all riders remain in optimal neutral positions; while their supple leather materials will encourage relaxation. Plush thigh bolsters will increase circulation, and customizable head-rests will cradle each neck.

This will redefine every commute - enabling both drivers and passengers to experience pain-free miles. The 2019 Altima will combat muscle cramps, aggravated nerves, and misaligned spines to provide pure comfort. With zero gravity comes relief.

Curious about the new Altima? Contact our team today for further information.
Searching for a mid-size upgrade? Nissan will soon unveil its 2019 Altima - promising two powerful engine options for the Seattle market. No longer will commutes be burdened by weak speeds and low torque. Instead this sedan will deliver class-leading performance, injecting highway-thrills into every day.

According to Top Speed, the 2019 Altima will offer two new engines - a 2.5L inline-four and a 3.5L V6. Each will provide segment-shattering power, with Nissan enhancing every rev:

2.5L Inline-Four
Estimated Performance Ratios: 200 HP and 198 lb.-ft of torque.

3.5L V6
Estimated Performance Ratios: 290 HP and 275 lb.-ft of torque.

Nissan seeks to enhance the mid-size market, fusing its Altima with a suite of engine upgrades. Both will boast a revised XTronic automatic transmission (which will promote smooth shifting, transitioning between gears without the friction of a clutch) and a FWD (which will ensure a lighter curb mass and lessen column strain). Direct-injection technology is also anticipated to maximize fuel distribution and allow for steadier torque.

No official specs have yet been confirmed for the 2019 Altima - but, should these rumors prove true, the platform will yield impressive capability in Seattle.

Want to learn more? Visit our dealership today!
The price of adventure often proves high - with you watching the fuel pump roll steadily onward, demanding dollars for every mile. This trip was meant to bring you a sense of clarity. Instead it’s just stealing change from your wallet.

Nissan suggests choosing a more economical traveling companion - like its 2018 Altima.

According to US News, the 2018 Altima delivers exceptional economy - with its base engine (a 2.5L DOHC 16-valve inline-four) producing 27 MPGs in the city and 36 MPGs on the highway. It combines a variable induction system with an electronic throttle to improve ignition, allowing for a seamless burst of power; while an XTronic automatic transmission smoothly responds to every gear ratio and eliminates fuel-consuming down-shifts. A front-wheel-drive further improves performance, with its lightweight column requiring fewer resources.

These features allow the 2018 Altima to impress at the pump... and they also bolster it with class-leading capability. As US News explains, this sedan leaves its main rival, the Fusion, in the dust. Ford’s base model only achieves 21 MPGs in the city and 31 MPGs on the highway, proving far less efficient; and this ensures that Nissan will secure a victory at the pump.

Want to learn more? Contact our team today!